What is Personal Injury?

Person injury, in legal terms, includes an physical, emotional, or financial harm caused to one by another's wrongful or negligent act. There are many different types of acts that can be categorized as personal injury. If you've been injured or harmed (either physically, emotionally, or financailly), contact us today for the best legal advice.

Who Would Benefit from a Personal Injury and Fatality Attorney?

You may be entitled to compensation for personal injury for:

  • Physical Injuries:
      If you are injured as a result of another person's conduct or negligence, you may be able to file a personal injury claim.
      Many physical injuries are obvious, but there are those that you might not think of right away. Sickness and disease are examples of bodily harm, as are birth injuries or deformities, brain and spinal cord injuries, and wrongful death lawsuits.

  • Emotional Distress:
      Mental injury can be equally as severe and destructive as physical injury. As a result, personal injury claims include provisions to compensate victims of psychological harm for their pain and suffering.

  • Financial Loss:
      Any expenses you incur or money you are unable to receive as a result of your injury may be included in your compensation.
      Financial harm includes lost pay from missed work, hospital fees, and ongoing treatment costs.

  • Other Types of Personal Injury:
      Aside from the types of injuries mentioned above, there are other instances in which another person's wrongdoing might harm you or your reputation.
      If you have been the victim of libel, slander, wrongful or malicious prosecution, or false arrest or imprisonment, you may be entitled to compensation.