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First, we would like you to know that if you pick up the phone, write, email, or otherwise communicate with us there is NO FEE. We are used to handling a wide variety of injury and wrongful death cases. We do not charge a fee unless we help you achieve a recovery. Nor do we ask for or accept retainer deposits for most cases we handle. We will advance the costs necessary to move your case forward, and we will only be repaid if we achieve favorable results for you.

Eric Rasmusson has been a member of the Missoula community since 1986, and began practicing law in Missoula in 1992. He has focused his practice on helping injured and disabled people since 2000.

Unfortunately, there are times when the injuries sustained by a person are just too severe and they pass on. You need someone who has helped others who have experienced this kind of loss guide you through these most difficult times and complicated matters. Unfortunately insurance companies, and the people they hire, are more concerned with mitigating their losses rather than help you deal with yours. Time and time again emotionally vulnerable people are encouraged by a seemingly friendly voice on the phone to move past events that will never be completely forgotten so they can begin to heal. These voices do not care if there are medical bills to pay, or kids to shelter, clothe, and feed. They just want a signature on a piece of paper so they can put your, or your loved one’s case, behind them so they can move on to the next file.

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Insurance claims are complicated and insurance companies can be tough to deal with. Sometimes insurance adjusters will try to use high pressure tactics and tricks to close your claim for pennies on the dollar. We are extremely familiar with insurance claim adjusters and their tactics. Please use our experience to help guide you through the most challenging time of your, or a loved one’s, life.

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