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First, we would like you to know that if you pick up the phone, write, email, or otherwise communicate with us there is NO FEE. We have handled a lot of workers compensation claims over the years. We do not charge a fee unless we help you achieve a recovery. Nor do we ask for or accept retainer deposits for most cases we handle. We will advance the costs necessary to move your case forward, and we will only be repaid if we achieve favorable results for you.

Eric Rasmusson has been a member of the Missoula community since 1986, and began practicing law in Missoula in 1992. He has focused his practice on helping injured and disabled people since 2000.

Workers compensation insurance claims are complicated. Insurance companies do not want you to know this because they want to lure you into a false sense of security and discourage retention of competent counsel. Also, some insurance adjusters will not tell you about some of the benefits you are entitled to by law. This is especially true of claims that involve catastrophic injuries or where the worker has died.

Sometimes we see employers that discourage their injured workers from filing claims.  This can include firing the injured worker by using made up reasons to make themselves look good, and the worker look bad.  Another tactic some employers use is to try and make an injured worker feel guilty about filing a claim even though it is his or her right to do so.  Oftentimes these employers will enlist the injured worker’s co-workers to carry out their smear campaign and ostracize the worker by making them feel like they are no longer part of the crew, or they do not belong on the job site.

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Employers who use these tactics are not on your side and despite their promises, they will not keep you on the job even after you have healed from your injury or occupational disease. They use these tactics to show the other employees what will happen to them if they dare file a claim.

We know all about about the dirty tricks that unscrupulous employers and workers compensation insurance claim adjusters use. We have seen it all before. Please rely upon us to help you get the benefits you deserve, recover from your injuries, and get back to work.

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