Very seldom do I give reviews but Rasmusson Law Offices, Eric specifically, deserves one. Finding an attorney was something I dreaded. With bad experiences in the past, I was sure they were all shady. Much to my surprise, I found the opposite with Eric. Not only was he honest he always treated me with respect and kindness while at the same time always being dependable and professional! What more can a person ask for? I would recommend Rasmusson Law without hesitation!

Kim D.

I was in a severe gasoline tanker truck roll over accident and suffered several injuries but survived the wreck. I thought all was pretty ok but in a few days the pain worsened in many areas of my body. I couldn't return to work. A friend suggested I talk to Eric. I did and he said he could help me. He has helped put my life back together. He began working with Montana State Workers Compensation. He worked on my case approximately a year and a half. Firstly he aquired me a bi weekly pay check to give me income. What a blessing that was. Eric made sure I was provided all the medical treatment I required and worked constantly with the state to keep everything flowing and approved. As I neared the end of what worker comp could do for me medically he spent time negotiating with them on a settlement as I couldn't go back to work and do the job I had been doing for years. After a lot of work on Eric's part we ended up in mediation. I received a very fair and substantial cash settlement. I just want to say my respect for the job Eric did for me is great. I know I could have not done it on my own. His professional attitude towards all people is exceptional. I am 100 percent satisfied and grateful. I trust Eric and am perfectly pleased with the job he did for me. I would strongly recommend talking to Eric about any injuries you have on the job.

Gary C.

Eric Rasmusson was welcoming, honest and compassionate from the first call for legal advice to present. He is a gentleman of integrity and an outstanding professional attorney. I would recommend Rasmusson Law Offices100%.

Lee P.

I have only had a phone consultation so far and I appreciated his candor and understanding. He helped me understand some things so I can make informed decisions. Would retain.

N. G.

It was a great pleasure working with Eric and his team! They went well above and beyond to make sure that I was represented to the fullest of their abilities. They left no stone unturned in my case, they were extremely timely in responses to my question, they also kept me up to date and every possible detail. Would highly recommend this firm!

Jonathan P.

Eric is the best and I recommend him to any person I know or hear about who needs an outstanding attorney -this guy works hard for you and you won't find a better attorney then Eric. Seeking out a lawyer is not fun but Eric makes the process so much better- nothing is more important then having a lawyer who not only works hard for you but also keeps you informed every step of the way- In 2002 I was in a really bad car accident- after talking with different lawyers with so much disappointment I sought out Eric Rasmussen and I am so glad I did- from the very beginning he kept me well informed of everything and got things done. Eric made a difficult situation for me so much better. Every once in awhile you get an opportunity to meet and work with someone like Eric and you never forget them and what they did for you. 20 years later after my car accident I again found myself needing legal advice and the first person I sought out and called was Eric-and I am so happy he is still in Missoula because he really is the best and you won't find another lawyer who works as hard for you as he does-he is outstanding. If you need a great lawyer-save yourself the headache of talking to several attorneys and just see Eric you won't regret it:) Thank you Eric for all you have done for me- I appreciate you beyond measure!

Dena P.

We were referred to Eric when my husband had a work comp injury and we did not know how to handle it. We were having trouble working through all the bureaucratic hoops to get what my husband needed and deserved from medical issues incurred due to his employer's negligence. Eric listened, explained every step, and got our case resolved in just a few months and we won! There is no way we could have done this on our own! We are so happy to have had his help and would recommend anyone needing legal help to him - he's the real deal and will take excellent care of you!

Val R.

Great Man and someone I would like to call a friend.
Before retaining Eric, I called several firms and none seemed like they wanted to help, maybe because they couldn't imagine a fee worth their time. But Eric listened to me and genuinely wanted to help. We ended up being successful and it paid off for him and I in the end!

J. K.